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The Connectivity Tool

Konnektor lets you connect two Windows computers without having to set up a home network.

No More Hassle!

Konnektor lets you connect two Windows computers in just a few clicks. It works with just a standard ethernet cable and through routers and switches. Even wireless!

No more setting up networks, rebooting, setting logins, adding users, removing users. When you're done, disconnect and close the application and there is no risk of security breaches.

Temporarily Connect and Share Files

Consider the following situations:

You bring your laptop home from work and decide to work on your home desk top computer. So you want to bring your project files over and take out your USB memory stick. But it's full. Lots of pictures of the kids and stuff you don't know if you need to keep

A friend drops by with a huge collection of photos he has taken on your last trip to Tijuana and you'd like to have them all. But he has a 12Mpixel camera and the image folder is huge. It won't fit on a USB memory stick and you don't have a USB hard drive

You have a meeting out of office and you all brought your laptops. You want to share some files but none of you brought a USB memory stick

In all of these situations Konnektor will come to the rescue! Just fire it up, connect, drag and drop the files and your done!


A Konnektor license is currently $19 (US) for one user or $199 (US) for a site (enterprise, school, government)

Konnektor comes fully featured, batteries included. There's even an extra feature in the free version -a nag screen to nudge you into licensing the product

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